• Who are you?

    We are The Knights of Safety™ and this is The Knights of Safety™ Academy

    Founded and established in the United Kingdom, TKOS™ Academy caters to hundreds of thousands of students across the world. We offer free helpful courses on COVID-19, chemical safety, mental health, and more.

    The Knights of Safety™, founded by Dale Allen, is an epic team of heroes protecting people’s lives in different realms of safety. From scaffolding safety to hotel safety; from mental health safety to electrical safety, TKOS™ covers these industries to save lives.

  • How do I register for your courses?

    Go to the link here: TKOS™ Academy Course List

    To register, simply click on the course of your choice. Once you’ve filled in your details, you’ll be able to begin the course. You only need to register once, as each course you take will use the same account.

    We hope you enjoy our online courses! If you do, please share with your friends and family. 

  • Trying to access your courses but receiving a blank screen

    Can you please try the following two solutions?

    • Press Ctrl+F5 (or Cmd+F5 if you're on Mac) on your keyboard simultaneously. This will force your web browser to request new data from our servers and will fix the issue in most cases..

    • If that doesn't work, please try to clear your web browser's cache and cookies. You can find instructions on how to do this for various web browsers here: How to Clear Your Cache/Cookies for "all" browsers (Please note, this is not our website, but will provide clear instructions.)

  • Will I earn a certificate for taking your courses?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate for each course you complete, automatically generated and delivered to you via email.

    Please be sure to check your junk or spam folders

  • I didn't receive my certificate(s)

    You should have received your certificate(s) via email immediately upon completion of the course(s).

    For future reference:

    • Please be sure to check your junk or spam folders. Our certification system is automated and certificates are automatically created and delivered to you via email.

    • If you need to access your certificates outside of the email delivery system, you can always access them via your My Account page when you're logged in to your TKOS™ Academy account:

  • I want a physical, hard copy of my certificate(s)

    Unfortunately, we're cannot provide physical copies of course certificates. However, the digital certificate you received through email is of very high quality and can easily be printed out as a PDF.

  • How long do your courses take to complete?

    The Course Durations for each course on provided on their Course Details pages, accessed by clicking their respective banners.

  • I want an IOSH Certificate

    Unfortunately, we're unable to provide IOSH certificates. The IOSH is a completely separate organisation!

    • You can find the IOSH website here: https://iosh.com/

    • You can contact the IOSH here: https://iosh.com/more/contact-us/

  • Request for Reference Materials

    We cannot provide the courses in a PDF or other format. The only way to access our courses is through The Knights of Safety™ Academy online portal.

    You may engage with any of our courses (which are all free!) anytime using your preferred device. Just click the link above!

  • Question has no correct answers

    To assist you in future courses and their questions, please note that many of the questions in our courses require you to select more than one answer (this is indicated just below the question).

    Please also note that the questions at the end of each course section are taken directly from the slides that come before them in that section. If you're struggling with the answers, they're always in the slides you have most recently read through.

    This is different from the Knowledge Reviews at the end of each course, where the questions are taken from all slides collectively.

  • I cannot see the quiz questions/answers

    This reported issue is sometimes caused by zoomed-in browsers.

    Please check if this applies to the browser you're using. In most browsers, holding CTRL (CMD for Mac) and scrolling the mouse wheel will change zoom levels. Ensure it's at 100%.

    This issue may also be related to your browser cache⁠ - please try clearing it and then reloading the online course. You can find instructions on clearing your cache here: Clear Cache and Cookies

  • Arabic name will not print

    Unfortunately, our certificate system is unable to print Arabic Script.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with your preferred name in Alphanumeric characters and we'll get your certificate updated.

  • Changing the name on my account

    In order to change the name on your account, please click this link: My Account Settings