Course curriculum

    1. Understanding COVID-19: Public Health Awareness

    2. Introduction to Understanding COVID-19: Public Health Awareness

    3. Course Information

    1. Pandemics: An Inevitability

    2. COVID-19: Symptoms

    3. COVID-19: Risk Factors in Transmission

    4. Who is Most at Risk?

    5. Other Risk Factors

    6. Populations at Risk

    7. Viruses

    8. Viral Reproduction

    9. Coronaviruses

    10. Do you know?

    1. Deadliness vs Contagiousness and the Basic Reproduction Number

    2. Basic Reproduction Number and Exponential Growth

    3. Innate Immune System vs COVID-19

    4. Adaptive Immune System, Immunisation, and Coronaviruses

    5. Herd Immunity vs Community Transmission

    6. Effective Reproduction Number

    7. Flattening the Curve and its Significance

    8. Flattening the Curve

    9. Do you know?

    1. Zoonotic Viruses

    2. Human Activities and Emerging Zoonotic Viruses

    3. Zoonotic Viruses and Pandemic Threats

    4. Strategies to Counter Pandemics

    5. Natural Herd Immunity: The Risks

    6. Mitigation and Suppression

    7. Do you know?

    1. The Triad of Protective Measures

    2. Frequent Handwashing

    3. 70% Alcohol Rub or Hand Sanitiser

    4. Do’s and Don’ts with One’s Hands

    5. Face Coverings: Egress Protection

    6. Face Coverings: Ingress Protection

    7. Face Coverings: Fomites Protection

    8. Face Coverings: Indoor and Outdoor Use

    9. Droplets and Distancing Measures

    10. Guidelines for Physical Distancing

    11. Guidelines for Social Distancing

    12. Reducing Risk with the Triad of Protective Measures

    13. Knowledge Review

    1. Resources for COVID-19 Safety

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