Course curriculum

    1. Local Exhaust Ventilation Basics

    2. Introduction to Local Exhaust Ventilation

    3. Course Information

    1. The Elements of an LEV

    2. What is an LEV?

    3. The Advantages and Disadvantages of LEV

    4. The Importance of LEVs

    5. Do you know?

    1. Hierarchy of Controls

    2. Different COSHH Risk Assessments

    3. Processes to Aid Control of Contaminants

    4. Access To The Work Area, Equipment And Procedures

    5. PPE, Personal Decontamination, Maintenance, Examination And Testing

    6. Cleaning, Housekeeping, Training and Supervision

    7. Good Design In Relation to LEV Systems

    8. Designing the Hood

    9. Designing the Rest of the Systems

    10. Do you know?

    1. Legal Aspects Related To LEV

    2. Other Regulations

    3. Knowledge Review

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