Course curriculum

    1. Learning First Aid and Safety Practices for Our Homes

    2. Introduction to Learning First Aid and Safety Practices for Our Homes

    3. Course Information

    1. Common Causes of Injuries or Death

    2. Severity of Thermal and Fire-Related Injuries

    3. Most Common Accidents Around the Home for Children

    4. Significance of Prevention and Learning First Aid

    5. Do you know?

    1. Adapting the Home Environment for Injury Prevention

    2. Injury Prevention for Adults

    3. Compounding Risks for Falls and Primary Interventions

    4. Modifying the Home Environment for Ageing Adults

    5. Injury Prevention for Children

    6. Risk-Assessment of Spaces for Children: General Principles

    7. Modifying Adult Behaviours in Relation to Children’s Learning

    8. Modifying Adult Behaviours: Reassessing Habits and Measures for Safety

    9. Risk-Benefit Approach and Learning Through Play

    10. Safer Environments Effectively Supplement an Instructional Approach on Risk

    11. Objectives of First Aid: the Three P’s

    12. Do you know?

    1. Actions to Preserve Life: Calling DR.ABC / DR.CAB

    2. DANGER: Procedures for Ensuring Safety

    3. RESPONSE: Seeking Signs of Consciousness

    4. AIRWAY: Head Tilt, Chin Lift Technique

    5. BREATHING: Look, Listen, and Feel

    6. CIRCULATION: Chest Compression First on a Suspected Cardiac Arrest

    7. Performing Chest Compressions (Hands-only CPR)

    8. When to Stop CPR and When to Use Rescue Breathing

    9. Choking: Handling a Partial Airway Obstruction

    10. Choking: Handling a Complete Airway Obstruction

    11. Do you know?

    1. Stroke

    2. Seizures

    3. Do you know?

    1. Nosebleeds

    2. Bleeding: Shock and Identifying Wound Types

    3. Minor Bleeding

    4. Major Bleeding from Puncture, Incision, or Laceration

    5. Monitoring for Shock

    6. Do you know?

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