Course curriculum

    1. Hazard Communication Programs

    2. Introduction to Hazard Communication Programs

    3. Course Information

    1. Importance of Hazard Communication

    2. Common Forms of Hazardous Chemicals

    3. Identifying Hazardous Chemicals in the Work Environment

    4. Analysing Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

    5. Understanding the Nature of Chemical Hazards and their Exposures and Risks

    1. OSHA Violations with Regards to Hazard Communications

    2. Employer’s Role

    3. Role of Manufacturers, Distributors, and Importers

    4. Proper Container Labelling

    5. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

    6. HAZCOM Information and Training Requirements

    1. Elements of the Hazard Communications Program

    2. Developing and Maintaining a List of Hazardous Chemicals

    3. Labelling Containers

    4. Creating Safety Data Sheets

    5. Conducting Information and Training

    6. Evaluating and Reassessing the Program

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