Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Family Health

    • Introduction to Family Health

    • Course Information

  • 2

    Health Starts at Home

    • Importance of the Family As A Unit

    • Impact of Family Life On the Health of Individuals

    • Family Health Initiatives Around the World

    • Do you know?

  • 3

    Family Lifestyle

    • Effects of Family Lifestyle On Eating Habits

    • Health Conditions Related to Family Lifestyle

    • Role of Family Genetics in Certain Health Conditions

    • Rise In Obesity

    • Other Health Conditions

    • Health Interventions that Can Help Change Family Lifestyle

    • Do you know?

  • 4

    Family Care

    • How Families Care and Cope with Illnesses

    • Changing Demands on Families Who Care For One Another During Illness

    • Tips On Taking Care of Family Health

    • Knowledge Review