Course curriculum

    1. Family Health

    2. Introduction to Family Health

    3. Course Information

    1. Importance of the Family As A Unit

    2. Impact of Family Life On the Health of Individuals

    3. Family Health Initiatives Around the World

    4. Do you know?

    1. Effects of Family Lifestyle On Eating Habits

    2. Health Conditions Related to Family Lifestyle

    3. Role of Family Genetics in Certain Health Conditions

    4. Rise In Obesity

    5. Other Health Conditions

    6. Health Interventions that Can Help Change Family Lifestyle

    7. Do you know?

    1. How Families Care and Cope with Illnesses

    2. Changing Demands on Families Who Care For One Another During Illness

    3. Tips On Taking Care of Family Health

    4. Knowledge Review

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