Course curriculum

    1. Disaster Prepareness and Emergency Action Plan

    2. Introduction to Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Action Plan

    3. Course Information

    1. What is a Disaster and an Emergency?

    2. What is an Emergency Action Plan?

    3. Importance of Preparation

    4. Different Types of Emergencies

    5. Type of Responses

    6. Do you know?

    1. Elements of an Emergency Action Plan

    2. How to Alert People to an Emergency

    3. When to Evacuate

    4. People’s Roles During an Emergency

    5. How to Establish Evacuation Routes and Exits

    6. How to Account for Everyone After an Evacuation

    7. How to Plan Rescue Operations

    8. Do you know?

    1. Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

    2. Design and Construction Requirements for Exit Routes

    3. Maintenance, Safeguards, and Operational Features for Exit Routes

    4. Fire Prevention Plans

    5. Portable Fire Extinguishers

    6. Fixed Extinguishing Systems

    7. Fire Detection Systems

    8. Selecting and Maintaining Alarm Systems

    9. Mounting Alarm Systems

    10. Knowledge Review

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